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How To Prepare For Your Tour

The key to properly preparing for the photographer and the 3D scan process is to remember this is virtually a live tour of the subject property. The entire space should be clutter free and meticulously cleaned and staged as if for a live touring of the property by those you desire to attract as buyers or tenants. The 3D camera will see every space as you see it and from every angle from which you can view it.

- For time efficiency for all involved do not schedule any other appointment at the property at the same time as you have scheduled for this 3D Scanning. No Showings, No Repair Contractors, No Open House, Etc.

- The 3D camera will see through windows to outside spaces. Make sure windows are clean as well as outdoor spaces seen from windows are clean, free of clutter and organized.

- Ensure there are no people or pets home during the scan appointment time.

- Remove clutter from all counter tops. i.e. Hair Brushes, Soaps, Cleanser Containers, Shampoo Bottles, Dishes, Hair Dryers, Razors, Etc.

- Ensure toilet lids are closed.

-All ceiling fans must be turned off.

- Turn on all lights, lamps, cook top lights, counter top lights. Ensure there are not any burnt out light bulbs.

-Ensure all window treatments are adjusted equally and uniformly throughout.

We reserve the right to not photograph a property at our discretion.

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